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The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) is a global leader in the standardisation and control of biological medicines. NIBSC Testtubes

As part of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency they are world leaders in supporting science and research and the regulation of medicines and medical devices, strengthening the support provided to the UK’s medicine’s industry.


The National Institute for Biological Standards and control were using the Immediacy CMS to control their website. With support for Immediacy ending in 2014, NIBSC knew that they needed to move to a CMS with a secure future and that could easily migrate the website along with the considerable bespoke membership and e-commerce functionality that IADigital had developed for them.


IADigital chose the envisage CMS as the solution. envisage is the only CMS in the world that has an Immediacy content migrator. Also, as it is built using Microsoft technologies, we knew that the bespoke functionality would migrate easily.

We migrated all of the site content into envisage using the Immediacy content migrator and transferred the bespoke functionality. We also developed the following:

New customer registration form

This inserts the customer details into the MRP system and validates various fields to prevent duplication. every new customer has to be approved within the MRP system

Product catalogue

List of products available to buy online pulled directly from MRP taking into account stock levels and pricing / VAT rates depending on the logged in customer.
Shopping basket and online ordering process

Once a product has been ‘added to basket’ the user sees the cost (based on their discount code) The user can always see which stage of the process they are at.

My Account

The ‘My Account’ area allows logged in users to view their previous orders.

The NIBSC site links directly to their internal 123Insight MRP (Manufacturing resource planning) system using standard API methods.

RESULTS went live in November 2013 using the envisage CMS.
New functionality has since been developed, including new account registration functionality, (Saving 20 man-minutes per new customer registration) e-protocols, which allows users to upload documents and store them in a document management system on the NIBSC servers.

"IADigital have been instrumental in the continuing success of the NIBSC website. Their expertise in developing the underlying technologies that drive our site has proven invaluable, especially when migrating from Immediacy to the envisage CMS. They truly understand our organisation and use this to consistently develop successful solutions for us. I can honestly say that it is a pleasure working with them."

Andrew Davies, National Institute of Biological Standards and Control.

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