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Knowhow is the new face of technology service and support from Currys and PC World.The Knowhow Team has experts in all areas of technology, whether it be kitchen appliances, computers, music players or gadgets. They have:

•    A team of 500 technicians on the road visiting people at home
•    A 1,400 strong team of experts in our UK Contact Centre helping people 24/7 every day of the year
•    1,000 people in their team of engineers fixing TVs, laptops and games consoles in our state of the art repair lab
•    A team of 700 installers fitting new washing machines, satellite dishes, dishwashers and cookers


IADigital were tasked with developing a brand new website that would convey the technical skill and infrastructure behind the knowhow team, who’s sole purpose is to service their customers.
It needed to manage the processes behind the 1.1 million customer products that are repaired or replaced every year, showing them exactly where it is in the repair /replace cycle.
The website needed to integrate with many internal systems, e.g. (CRM, logistics, products, repair, finance etc.) all of which operate on different platforms in different environments, using different programming languages. IADigital had to learn how all of these systems worked, to enable their successful integration.


knowhow-wheelTrying to come up with an intuitive way to display the repair and delivery process had some creative challenges, especially as the process differs greatly, dependent on the product, for example a mobile phone can be returned in an envelope and easily repaired whereas a washing machine needs an engineer to visit a home and repair it. IADigital designed and developed the “Knowhow wheel”. This enables customers to track where their faulty or damaged item is in the repair/replace cycle.
Customers can also access thousands of self-service articles via the “Knowledge bank”, purchase and manage extended warranties on their products.’s innovation lies in the way that it connects in-store transactions to an online monitoring service. A product can be purchased or returned to a store and that transaction will be displayed on the website in real-time.

RESULTS has become the single place for all post-sale interactions between Dixons, Currys, PC World and Pixmania and their customers. Whether that is tracking delivery, repairs, replacements, warranty renewal or simply how to get the most out of your product.

It provides simple and logical journeys, which have increased traffic and bookings every month since launch. It links directly with in store campaigns, online offers and affiliate advertising to create a fully immersive repair and service experience. delivers on average per month:

Over 2M pageviews, with a bounce rate of less than 46% and an average visit duration of 2.49 minutes. The knowhow wheel page accounts for over 34% of all traffic.

“I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the development and implementation of This has been a very complicated project from an integration perspective and presented many challenges around testing and design.

Success has been totally down to the commitment of the team at IADigital - some of whom I know have worked many extra hours and weekends to get us through this on schedule.”