Immediacy CMS Upgrades

The upgrade team at IADigital have been working on Immediacy upgrades for almost 10 years and have upgraded from versions as early as 4 all the way up to 6.3 using the following perfected process.

A trial upgrade is carried out on a copy of the client website to ascertain any issues or obstacles that could arise during the production upgrade. If there is custom development on the site then the trial is required to give an indication of how long the upgrade will take.

This stage also requires an upgrade strategy to be produced i.e. which site/server is upgraded first and who is responsible for customer UAT and sign off of each stage.

Site Copy

The site will be mounted up in a virtual development environment which matches the configuration of the target environment. Once the technical upgrade phase is complete the site will be moved to a public facing server so the customer can view and test the site prior to installing on the client servers.

Upgrade of templates, admin addins and db

As soon as the technical upgrade starts there will be a freeze on plugin development, template development and css changes as the upgrade process will be performed on a site copy and therefore any file modifications will not be upgraded. This does not apply to content as this is contained in the database and will be brought across during the live upgrade phase.

Website Installation / UAT

Next the sites are moved from the upgrade/development environment within Immediacy to an external public facing web server so the customer can view and test the sites.

Production environment setup

Once the customer agree that the upgraded sites are working as required there will be a full software installation by an us. The following servers will be setup with the new Immediacy software:

Content Freeze

Content should be frozen on the sites from now until the live database upgrade stage is complete.

Live Database copy taken

The second phase of the upgrade process is to upgrade the live database content – this will include content and pages added to the websites since the start of the upgrade process. As discussed earlier this would not include any new or changed plug-ins or templates as these will already have been upgraded.

Live database upgrade

This stage involves running the current copy of the database through the Immediacy site upgrade wizard to migrate the data into CMS 6.1 form. There are sometimes discrepancies in databases depending on the level of patches / hotfixes applied so there may be some manual intervention required to ensure the correct database objects are present and the correct permissions are applied.

Final UAT

Testing of the new upgraded site will be performed by us and the customer in the new environment.

Sign Off

Once all issues are resolved by us, the site upgrade is officially signed off and made live.

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    Amy Gunn, National Trust for Scotland.
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    Andrew Davies, NIBSC
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    Hayley O'Shea, Talbot Heath School
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    Will Read, AS Catering

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