Immediacy CMS Support

Where can you get support for Immediacy CMS?

Our support service provides access to our expert support team who have years of experience, supporting and developing websites and intranets using all versions of Immediacy and Alterian CMC. Between our team we have worked with over 80% of Immediacy’s customers and have supported every possible configuration of staging, live, deployment server, load balanced and clustered servers.

We will continue to support and maintain sites built using Immediacy and Alterian CMC for as long as our customers require it.

We have a tried and tested process that enables the quick resolution of all issues. Once a support technician records the incident or query on our helpdesk tracking system The incident is then forwarded to the relevant IADigital support team member to provide a response.

All further correspondence is recorded via this system. Once our team has resolved the issue you will be able to confirm or dispute the resolution. If confimed then time spent will be alloted to the case and it will be closed. If the resolution is disputed then it will be re-investigated until resolution is agreed.

 IADigital has remote access to all of our customers web/intranet environments, we have passed numerous online and offline security checks and processes to allow us access to police force, government agency and large retail client servers.

Using a combination of software/systems we can remotely connect and control customers web servers as well as transfers files via FTP to allow detailed investigation and resolution of support issues.

 IADigital are happy to meet the security and access requirements of the customer as required.

 We have a response time service level agreement (SLA) that we adhere to with all of our clients, and we always respond issues within these times.



Response Time

 1 Critical

A defect that means that the site or a major part of the site is unavailable. 

Within 1 hour

 2 Major

i.e. Editor / Admin offline

Within 2 hours

 3 Cosmetic

A defect in a part of Immediacy, but there is a simple bypass

Within 8 hours

 4 Query

 A documentation or cosmetic error

Within 1 working day

Get in touch with us now // 01202 555124

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