Immediacy cms Development

Even though official support has come to an end, IADigital continue to develop websites using the Immediacy system.

Some organisations have so many websites or intranets built using it, that moving away or migrating to another system is not commercially or technically viable. Because of the experience of our development team we are able to build complex functionality using Immediacy as a source of content / approval.

The constraints of the Immediacy CMS needn’t prevent the most advanced functionality for your website or intranet from being developed as we build everything with using standard ASP.NET which can site alongside an Immediacy or Alterian CMC installation. This considerably future-proofs the development enabling it to be transferred onto another .NET CMS environment should that be required.

Our team has developed and deployed over 100 Immediacy websites with all kinds of functionality, such as Events, custom membership, hotel and event booking and payment, games, maps, treatment finders, shopping baskets, after-sales and service tracking systems, asset management, taxonomy, related content, A-Z of services, track and trace systems, store finders etc.

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