We specialise in the planning, design and development of complex, integrated websites with a specific business purpose like conversion, process streamlining or service improvement.

Our customers come to us for this expertise but stay with us because of the other services we provide. Our highly experienced team are experts in UX, SEO, analytics, content management systems, information architecture and payment integration.

Our customers rely on us to deliver what they need on time and on budget. And in our five years, not one has left us.

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  • "IADigital gave us the system we needed to meet the demands of our campaign. We can update and create new content quickly to ensure our site stays fresh."
    Amy Gunn, National Trust for Scotland.
  • "“I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the development and implementation of the Knowhow website. This has been totally down to the commitment of IADigital”"
    Arlene Sharp, Dixons Retail
  • "IADigital has the knowledge, skills and experience we needed when developing the booking engine and now play a key part in our continuing success online."
    Kate Nestor, PH Hotels
  • "IADigital have been instrumental in the continuing success of the NIBSC website especially when migrating from Immediacy to the envisage CMS. I can honestly say that it is a pleasure working with them."
    Andrew Davies, NIBSC

This is what we do.

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We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for. We build websites that are intelligent, so that they are not only easy to manage but our customers can understand their visitor’s behaviour, then analyse and personalise the experience accordingly.

we don’t just work with anyone, you have to be someone pretty special.

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ours is a team of truly special people...

Meet some of the key members of our Bournemouth team. We are a talented group of people with over 60 years of experience delivering digital projects. Our ethos of working hard and having fun is one of the reasons that, in our five years, no team member or customer has ever left us.


The adorable scamps below grew into our delectable team of digital dignitaries!

See if you can work out who is who and simply drag and drop the baby photo onto its grown-up counterpart. If you get them all right you’ll get a prize! (Not really, but you will have had a couple of minutes of fun…)

You did it!

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